Online Meetings & Events 2023

If you are thinking of joining Fourth Corner Exchange or are interested in learning more about our cooperative economy you can attend one of our online webinars, which are designed to give you information about our alternative monetary system.

Introductory Meetings
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Port Angeles WA

Port Angeles, WA

Thanksgiving Barter/Potluck - Friday Nov 17, 4pm

When: Friday Nov 17, 4pm
Where: At Sue's home. Contact her for details. Sue Coffman (714) 337-4331

We are inviting people to bring food to share, and we'll have an exchange of gifts for the holidays. Any small items are welcome, such as kitchen tools, toys, clothing, books, bathroom items, bedding, or other small items that can fit in a bag. We'll have them spread out for all to barter and trade; no one will go home empty-handed!