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Health & Personal
Plant based / vegan coaching
If you'd like to learn more plant-based recipes, how to stock your kitchen, or how to satisfy your body and nutritional needs by incorporation more vegan meals into your life, I can help! I've been vegan for over a decade and am now raw vegan and have learned a lot about how to make delicious, nutritious, and filling meals. And I love helping others enjoy plant-based meals as much a I do! If you'd

Rides to appointments/errands?
I own a car and work from home/work causally so if you need assistance getting to and from places please let me know.

Arts & Crafts
Felted hats, slippers and bags
classes or projects, please contact me to inquire about my work

I go to the Edmonds ferry almost every week on Monday.
I go over to Edmonds Tuesday afternoons and come back Wednesday late afternoons most weeks. I travel to Everett to babysit my grandkids. I can give you a ride over and/or back these days. A little gas money or other trade would work for me.Or 2 Life dollars.

Gardening & Yard Work
Garden Help
I could use a consultant and teacher in my garden.

Mac tutoring/assistance
Would you like to accomplish more on your Mac computer? Need to back up your photos, transfer to a new machine, sync your iPhone? I offer personalized, low-stress help sessions tailored to your needs. Let me answer your questions, show you simple, useful tips to make your work easier: things like 'keyboard shortcuts' to reduce mouse hand fatigue, how to organize and BACK UP your files; putting your iTunes music on your mobile device, working with Pages, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, to record and publish your creative work. Family history project? Let me help you scan old photos or slides, and guide you to create a keepsake DVD to share with the family. 1-2 LD's per hour, open to trades. Phone consultation possible too! xxxx Eduardo (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Clothing Swap
I am having several clothing or other item exchanges here at my property. We have had one in July and it was such a lovely event.We will be having another in Oct or Nov. We have a large building where the exchanges take place. I request one Life dollar per person to host the event.

Arts & Crafts
Triptic 3-piece Framed Artwork by Li Leger
High quality textured reproduction of Don Li-Leger's art. Cherry blossom motif in gold and maroon (dark purple). Framed and lightweight. Excellent condition. 3 piece triptec painting set Measurements: 2: 30.5' x 19' 1: 30.5' x 30.5' Original price: $XXX Open to barter, trade, LD, Feds

Digital Privacy Consulting
I have been learning about digital currency and implementing it over the last 3 years. If you want real privacy in your digital life, I am happy to share what I have learned.

Arts & Crafts
Knitting & Crocheting
classes or items, please contact me if you have a project for me or would like to learn!

Music & Entertainment
Garage Jam
Get together with other musicians and jam for two hours. I have a 2car garage and electrical outlets. I don't have microphones or P.A. so vocals can't be done. Bring your own instruments, cords, and drumsticks (I have a drum kit). Worth two Life Dollars

Health & Personal
Guided nature walks in the Olympic Mountains
I would delight in organizing and leading any walking trip, from short day hikes up the Graywolf River trail to longer multi-day excursions, sharing my knowledge of natural history of the Olympic Mountains. 2 LD for a guided day hike for up to 4 people, call me xxxx (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Health & Personal
Healthcare Professional Services
A variety of healthcare services for Members of my Private Health Membership Association. Please see website: (under construction) Exchanges are negotiable based on a combination of Life Dollars and Cash, depending on time and services rendered.

Health & Personal
Affirmative Prayer
Affirmative Prayer comes from the Science of Mind New Thought Church. These prayers help people release and manifest Good(God) in their lives. Available anytime.

Rides to the ferry, airport, stores
Request a smooth, quiet ride in my Nissan LEAF, an all-electric car. I can get you to/from the airport, ferries, stores, early mornings no problem. Basic Rate 1 LD/hour of driving, total cost negotiable depending on waiting time, i.e., round-trips. Call or email to discuss details.

Music & Entertainment
Musical co-creation for your projects and mine
Do you want to bring your musical ideas to fruition? I love playing music and can play multiple instruments in diverse musical styles, and can learn your songs quickly. I can arrange and record your song ideas, adding guitar, bass, keyboard, drums/percussion, or vocals as desired. Rate negotiable, depending on time involved. I'm willing to trade, or charge 2 LDs for an initial 2-hr recording session. Send me a note with your needs and interests. Let's Play! (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Professional Services
House Sitter/Pet Sitter
Hello! I'm a well-seasoned house and pet sitter and have been doing this sort of work for many years. In Mexico, I have house and pet sat for a growing list of happy customers, all of them in the Chapala area (e.g. San Antonio, Ajijic). I am happy to look after your home and pets for any length of time. I have also performed long-term jobs, one of these for 3.5 months. Please see my website: XXXXXXXXXX for more information. I look forward to ensuring your home and pets are happy, safe and healthy! Very warmly, xxxx xxxxxxxx

Clothing swap/life dollar swap?
I sell my clothes on various apps but if there is something you are looking for that I have, I am happy to trade for life dollars.

Need a Weekend or Overnight Stay in Seattle?
I have two comfortable private rooms, one with double, one with single, desk for a computer. Wireless access, and a shared bathroom, living room, kitchen. Near UW, Roosevelt area, and a friendly, quiet, all adult home. Available for up to three days for travelers, students, culture seekers, etc. 1 Life Dollar/day.

Health & Personal
Meditation Mentor
For over 20 years, I have taught and supported individuals of all ages(even toddlers), groups and families develop a rewarding & practical meditation practice. Presently, I follow the Plum Village tradition, but I have been trained and practiced in other meditation traditions. I have successfully supported parents with very hectic lives (military families) and worked extensively supporting children and teachers in elementary schools in developing a mindfulness practice.

Small electrical work
Can fix, repair, and install small household electrical stuff like lights, plugs, little appliances. 1LD/hr is fine

I make pies and Bread.
I can teach you to make great pie dough or a variety of sweet bread.One or two life dollars per session. Yeast bread takes overnight.

Business & Administration
Business Consulting - Get more leads
Business consulting - I help business owners with a variety of different services. I can help you with: -Organic content marketing & social media -Paid advertising / media buying -Funnel building and website design -Direct marketing and lead generation -Copywriting -Online events -Email marketing setup -Business strategy If you are looking to get more customers in the door, generate more leads online, or set up your social media, reach out to me. I would love to work with you!

I make things with paper and beads and wire.
I teach beadwork. 2 life dollars plus $5 for materials per 4 hour session.. I would also trade for learning other crafts.

Organizing --Home, Office, Yard, etc
By MERYL. 1 Hour, 1 Life $. What can I say in this description except that I love to organize, and also use what seems to come naturally: spacial reasoning.

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