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Guest Suite
We are in Chimacum on 10 acres. We have a guest suite we keep available for friends and family. It sleeps 8-10 people. One bedroom that is private and a very large room with high ceilings and several beds plus a loft. Private bathroom and kitchenette. I am interested in trading for help with various projects. Part Life dollars (negotiable) and part national currency (negotiable).

Arts & Crafts
Beaded and Chain-link Jewelry
some items already finished or will consider new items, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and beaded bags

I have a lot of stuff
I would love to trade my stuff for yours. I have dishes and nic nacs and art and lots of other things.Either a straight trade or Life dollars are negotiable.

Professional Services
Convert VHS video tapes to DVD
Don't toss it, convert it to DVD so you can enjoy it again! Basic conversion to digital costs 1 LD per video tape, and for an additional 1-2 LD I can also edit it, divide it into chapters, and prepare a basic DVD. Note: I have been able to save some of my favorite old shows, but some commercial tapes (like Marx Bros. I discovered) won't allow copying. Call or email for more info. xxxx (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Professional Services
Website or biz/promotional materials editing
Hola! I can help people who are not native English speakers edit their websites and promotional materials to be understandable and correct in English. 2.5 LD/hour with a 1 hour minimum.

Need a Weekend or Overnight Stay in Seattle?
I have two comfortable private rooms, one with double, one with single, desk for a computer. Wireless access, and a shared bathroom, living room, kitchen. Near UW, Roosevelt area, and a friendly, quiet, all adult home. Available for up to three days for travelers, students, culture seekers, etc. 1 Life Dollar/day.

Small and medium Ceramic and terracotta planters
I've got a few small and medium sized pots Id love to trade. 1 LD each or 3 LD for the group. Can send pics upon request.

Music & Entertainment
Mobile recording studio
I can make a high-quality recording of your original songs or spoken words! I have recorded many of my original tunes on my portable KORG digital 16-track recording studio. Have a song idea that needs realizing? I can also advise you on production, even play guitar, bass, drums, other instruments on your recordings (trade: you to sing or play on my recorded songs). My rate is negotiable depending on how much mixing is involved. Contact me for more info. Let's have fun getting creative. (XXX) XXX-XXXX xxxx Eduardo

Arts & Crafts
Handmade cards
I love to design handmade cards with thick cardstock and repurposing other items such as ribbons, magazine pictures, etc. 1 LD each.

Lavender Hydrasol
I've got a big stock of hydrasol. Come fill a big mason jar for 1 LD or trade.

Clothing Swap
I am having several clothing or other item exchanges here at my property. We have had one in July and it was such a lovely event.We will be having another in Oct or Nov. We have a large building where the exchanges take place. I request one Life dollar per person to host the event.

Children & Childcare
Child and Babysitting
If someone is looking for a causal baby/child sitter, please let me know. I am in the west end of Toronto and have a car. I am in my 30s and am educated in psychology, health studies, and psychotherapy.

Counseling & Therapy
Parenting Coach
My 30-year career as a LCISW, has been mainly in parenting with training in Emotional Coaching, Love & Logic, 1-2-3 Magic and Positive Parenting with a Plan.

Household, Office, Yard
By MERYL. 1 Hour, 1 Life $. Moving, packing, cleaning, unpacking, errands, etc.

Professional Services
Video projects to finished products
Nowadays, it seems that anyone can 'take' videos on their phone, computer, or camera...but then what? I can help you to record, edit and share your video projects. I am happy to show you what I've learned, and willing to work with you in crafting your instructional, entertaining, or creative video. 2 LD per 90 minute session, includes time for planning/daydreaming. Let's have fun with it too! Call to discuss your ideas!

Health & Personal
Human Design readings
I've found great value in learning my own Human Design, and doing charts for family and friends. HD takes astrology to a new level, providing insight into why you are the way you are, and what is your 'life mission.' Useful in decision-making, e.g., career, projects and relationship choices. You'll gain insight into your conscious and unconscious behaviors, preferences, ways of seeing the world, etc. I will explain your chart, which is calculated using the exact date, time, and location of your birth. Cool stuff! 1-2 LD depending on depth you want. Can be done over the phone and chart emailed to you! Call for more info.

Large Electric Heat Dish
Large electric heat dish that gets very hot and easily warms small to medium spaces. Origin price: $75. Asking: $35. Barter, trade, LD, Feds.

I make things with paper and beads and wire.
I teach beadwork. 2 life dollars plus $5 for materials per 4 hour session.. I would also trade for learning other crafts.

Building Services
Property Caretaker for Homeowners
Hello! I have been engaged as an occasional property caretaker and have provided these services since XXXX. My latest job, in Ajijic, Mexico, involved creating an exhaustive list of needed repairs, including lighting fixtures, plumbing and electrical issues, and much more! On this job, which lasted over two months, entailed removing and replacing all dated lighting fixtures and installing energy efficient fixtures. I also performed organizing services in the untidy bodega and, using recycled lumber, installed wood fir strips which held assorted tool hooks. I'm happy to work in the Chapala area and ensure your home and property are well taken care of! I look forward to serving you! Warmly, xxxx N.

Available to watch pets while you are away. Dependable with extensive pet experience. 2 LD per day

Digital Privacy Consulting
I have been learning about digital currency and implementing it over the last 3 years. If you want real privacy in your digital life, I am happy to share what I have learned.

Advice, training, patient guidance
I can help folks with their current computer, phone, or internet problems. I'm great on the phone, or in person. I'm patient with our elders and their challenges. 1LD/hr is fine

Homeschool experiential learning for kids
Let's make learning fun, meaningful, and relevant for the younger generation. Fresh-air (mask free) play, rain or sunshine exploring nature. Creative arts. Community building through Project-based learning. Hands-on math & science, music, art languages, nutrition, cooking, much more. Kids learn more than just academics in a multi-age, small group; one-to-one tutoring also possible, based on needs and interests. 2-4 LD per 1-2-hr session, sliding scale. Certified Teacher since XXXX. Let's talk about where we want education to go and stand up for our children.

Dog walking
Available for dog walking your furry companion. Active and loving person with plentiful animal of experience. 1 LD per walk or open to barter/trade

Clothing swap/life dollar swap?
I sell my clothes on various apps but if there is something you are looking for that I have, I am happy to trade for life dollars.

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