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Sports & Recreation
We have a pickleball court and I would love to have a regular playdate. I'm a beginner.

Gardening & Yard Work
Garden/yard work helper/permaculture designer
I can use your skills, strength, and willingness in a variery of garden and yard projects. The overall goal is to maximize food production and water retention in our backyard. Will pay you 2 LD per hour of labor plus take home some fruits and vegies and flowers!

Wanted - wok
I love to make stir frys and have been scouring the thrift shops to find a non-teflon wok in good condition but no luck so far. If you have one in exchange for barter, trade, LD, or a homecooked meal, let me know!

Business & Administration
Website development
I'm starting a new small business and may need help setting up my website. Please contact me for more details. Thank you!

Mushrooms and medicinal plants
Looking to learn more about mushrooms and medicinal plants.

Health & Personal
Healthy cooking and eating
Diet and nutritional information specifically about an anti-inflamation diet that I am willing to follow would be a great to find!

Building Services
I want to build a bird house
I have stuff to make a wooden bird house or some other kind if you can teach me.

Cleaning my kitchen and bathroom
I would like help doing a deep clean on my kitchen with TSP. I want to remove the grease on things. I am also needing to TSP an upstairs bathroom before painting.

Single dad and daughter need occasional lodging
I occasionally need a place for teenage daughter and I, such as holiday weekends, with two beds at least, if not two rooms. I have housesitting and pet sitting experience, prefer Port Townsend/Chimacum area, but other areas possible too. Can pay in LDs, negotiable.

PC and Android help needed
I am a slow and frustrated PC and Android owner seeking a supportive person to patiently support me in learning most things about my Lenovo Ideapad and my Consumer Cellular Cell Phone.

Sports & Recreation
Kayak rental and kayaking instruction
I am interested in kayaking along the bay/ San Juan Islands. I’m looking to borrow a kayak, but I also am interested in some basic first-time instruction as I have never gone kayaking before and would love someone to bring me up to speed.

Looking for 1 dozen fresh eggs per week for my dog. Willing to barter, trade, or pay feds.

Gardening & Yard Work
Automatic watering system learning opportunity
Master gardener Karol Stiegman needs help setting up an automatic drip water system in the Victory Garden at the Center for Spiritual Living. Any day OK, generous life dollars offered. Please call her at XXX-XXX-XXXX or XXXXXXXXXX

Professional Services
Help recording and editing short meditation audios
I was asked to create some guided meditations (10-15 minutes) and do not have the proper equipment for recording nor patience for editing. I have have music and we can use my home or I can come to you. Will exchange with barter, trade, LD, and/or homecooked meals!

Arts & Crafts
Teach me something
I'm interested in learning a variety of craft skills.

Homemade healthful meals to go
I love eating healthy meals but don't always have time to cook. Is that something you could do for me and my family? Casseroles, lasagna, breads, yogurt, sauces, anything made from fresh local / organic foods. Yum! Frozen or dried is good. Thanks!

Gardening & Yard Work
Always looking for help with weeding and prepping my soil for a future garden.

Music & Entertainment
Monthly music gathering and potluck
Don't we all treasure getting together and jamming? I would love to find some friends to hang out with and play music (guitar piano and percussion) but my home is not conducive to this kind of activity. I can provide limited talent, harmony and some tasty tidbits if you can host. LD Negotiable (JW)

Event planning
Looking for help promoting, organizing, and hosting upscale plant based dinners to grow my business. Note: event space also needed. Willing to barter, trade, pay feds.

Gardening & Yard Work
Garden help
I could always use help in my garden, pulling weeds and such

Health & Personal
Massage or other body work
I would love to have some body work that is healing or restorative.

Dog walker
Looking for occasional dog walker for a very sweet and well behaved hound dog at my home in Sequim. Willing to trade, barter, or pay feds.

Gardening & Yard Work
Expert Arbortist
I need to have my trees pruned in Port Townsend. Willing to pay half in life dollars and half in federal notes. Call or text XXX-XXX-XXXX.

I have a large meeting space.
If you have a workshop you want to offer, I am open to trade.

Music & Entertainment
Violin Lessons
I would love to have some private instruction, or the opportunity to have instruction in a small group of beginners. I have been dinking around for several years, but would like to stretch outside my current zone. Call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX or e-mail at XXXXXXXXXX

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